Content Writing Courses

For budding vegan writers

We’re on a mission to empower those who want to promote a sustainable and plant-friendly future. We believe that by providing people who want to positively shape the world with the right skills and knowledge, we can create a community of change-makers, influencers, and innovators.

Therefore, if you’re someone with a passion for supporting your community, giving a voice to the voiceless, or benefitting the environment, then our v-learning platform is for you.

Free Content Writing Challenge

Looking for a career challenge? Exploring ways to write for a living? Then take on our content writing challenge to discover your writing potential.

Become a content writer in 4 weeks

This 4-week course will take you through everything you need to know to become a fully fledged content writer. From research & strategies, to writing & finding work.

Learning is Empowerment

Our courses provide you with the skills to create your own opportunities that actually align with your values. You can take our online courses anywhere you want. Whether that’s from your laptop, phone, or tablet; next to the beach; on the sofa; or even in bed. What’s more, once you’ve paid for a course, you have access for life.